2-gang wall switches and Scenes not discoverable in Alexa?

by Lagster, November 28 2018

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I have 32 simple scenes created in the Aqara Home app to on/off my 2-gang wall switches, because for some reason Alexa doesn't discover 2-gang wired wall switches, it only discovered my 1-gang wired wall switches. Is this a bug or a limitation?

So I made them all and set Alexa to discover devices and scenes. Alexa came back with only 8 scenes, and no matter how many times I tried to re-run Discover Scenes it wouldn't find the rest of my scenes. I unlinked and re-linked the Lumi Smart Home skill (because that's the only one that works right now, the US hub isn't out yet and the Aqara Home app refuses to add my hub to the US server), tried again and this time Alexa found only the first 11 scenes out of my 32.

Is this a known issue that's being worked on? And will Aqara be maintaining both the Lumi Smart Home skill for China hubs, and the Aqara Home skill for US hubs in future? Or will the Aqara Home skill eventually replace the Lumi Smart Home skill for all Aqara hubs in all regions?

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