A few questions for start

by maze, December 29 2018

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Hi everyone, I am interested in buying Aqara on Ali... but I have some questions:

1. If one day a European server is created, will I be able to change it from Chinese without any problems? Or maybe it will not be possible due to the purchase of goods in China? Firmware block?

2. Does Aqara Cam (Gateway Version) work fully with HomeKit?

Does it not have an alarm and the lights have exactly the same capabilities as Aqara Hub? What are the exact differences in the Hub vs. Cam (with gateway) capabilities?

3. What Xiaomi products outside the Aqara line are supported by this system? I am asking you to create a more detailed list of devices that will be seen in HomeKit.

4. What are the plans for further devices in this system?

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I want to say: