Alarm reliability when power failure or unplugged HUB

by YaFR, December 19 2018

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I have the Aqara Hub Gateway plugged into a socket in my house and a group of captors for mouvement control. It works well; as soon as a motion is detected the Hub emits the alarm sound. I am using the Aqara app (set to Chinese Location to enable automation) and Apple Homekit to set the alarm on/off according to the time or the press of hidden switches.

I am now looking for solutions for the three limitations bellow:

1. Within the Aqara ecosystem there are no outdoor alarm components, so the alarm sound is not likely to be heard from outside of the house and alert the neighbours.

2. Once the Hub is located (easy just follow the alarm sound), it just has to be unplugged to stop the Alarm.

3. A power cut  will disable the alarm.

I think if I could find a solution for 1 (Aqara compatible outdoor alarm with antitheft protection), then I could hide the HUB somehere in the house and disable the alarm sound to solve 2. I am also looking for a power bank to solve 3.

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