Alexa slkill for Aqara devices

by Givi Dochviri, January 04 2019

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I was happy about Aqara skill for Alexa, it was doing what i needed and i did not complain about stability.

Recentrly aqara skill disappeared from amazon and there is no way to connect aqara devices to Alexa.

My guess is that aqara is ditching aqara home app and Mi home will be the place to manage aqara devices in the future. Am i right?

Anyways, I decided to move from aqara home to Mi home on my iphone (with homekit) and did so successfully. Most of the functionality works as expected, except only motion sensor is not reporting motion to homekit, but it was not doing that in aqara home either.

There is a Alexa skill for mi home. I enabled it and linked it to my Mi home account, however Alexa is unable to discover my aqara devices.

If it is a bug i’d like to report it and I can support investigation with diagnostic data if necessary. If not, is there a roadmap or something when will Alexa Mi home skill be able to discover aqara devices?

Also is this forum the right place for reporting Mi Home issues? If something does not work as expected where should be aks for help, here or on Mi home community?

I want to say: