Aqara China Server - Alexa Integration

by Rei, November 21 2018

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I have the Aqara products (Hub, AC Gateway, Wireless Switch, Wall Switch, Cubes, etc) and Yeelight (Lightstrip Plus) connected via the Mi Home app in the China Server. I am able to use the wireless switches to control the Yeelights, etc, with no problem. 

The potentials of the Aqara and Xiaomi lineup is huge, but one of the major feature looking forward to is integration to Alexa.

Alexa is unable to discover the products mentioned above in the China server. The Yeelight strips can be discovered if it's in other servers such as Singapore, but that would lose the integration of the Aqara Wireless Switch's ability to control the Yeelight. Thus, I'd have to put everything in the China server, but then again I'd lose the Alexa ability.


I'd like to know if Aqara/Xiaomi will ever enable Alexa skill in the China server for all the smart-home devices including hub / switches? If so, any target dates?

Ultimately, I would like to be able to:

-Alexa voice control Wall Switches, Wireless Switches, Curtains, AC Gateway, HUB, etc.

-Alexa voice control of Yeelight bulb/strips

-Aqara wireless switches to control yeelight bulb/strips


I want to say: