Aqara Curtain Controller wil not be found by the Gateway in Mi Home App

by Harold GTV, April 19 2019

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I hope anyone can help me.

I have the aqara curtain motor. And first paired it with the aqara gateway in the Mi Home App. No problem at all.

Later on, have connected it with my Athom Homey. Also no problem.

Now i wanted it to connect it with the aqara gateway again. And it will not pair.

I deleted the device in Homey. And pressed the button for 5 seconds until the led starts blinking blue. But the device will not be found in the Mi Home App. Like it did before.

Even left it without power fur at least 3 hours. But no effect.

Ok then connect it back to the Homey again. Same result. It cannot be found buy the Homey App.

Does anyone have a solluction. Like a hard factory reset of the Aqara Curtain motor perheps?

I want to say: