Aqara Hub integration with HomeKit fails

by Boris, October 16 2018

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Hi i'm happy to see you have solved the "automation and connection" problem, but it did not resolve mine : after a well done first pairing in Aqara Home app, I removed the Hub from it, and now that I want to pair it again to Aqara Home / HomeKit ... it fails.

I'm on the same LAN, wifi is on 2.4 Ghz only ; I reseted the hub to factory setting.

The process fails during HomeKit registration (could not add the accessory ) after the led flashes yellow, then blue, then off. The hub is well seen by my router on the Lan with a correct local IP address. Aqara Home App is 1.4.3 version. I don't now Aqara Hub firmware version (cause impossible to register ...).

I read many discussion relating same problem, so I don't think I'm alone ...

What can I do ? Please help ...

I want to say: