Aqara HUB - looses wifi connection after power lose

by Martin Tampír, November 29 2018

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could anyone advice what could be wrong with the Aqara Hub (Homekit version)? I am connected to Chinese server. To add the Hub to my network works ok, but anytime my house looses power, the Hub restarts yet can not connect to the internet again.. Blue light blinks fast.. I always have to 1) remove accessories from Apple Home app, 2) reset Aqara Hub, 3) add the Hub again.

Just to mention, all the child devices (I only have 11 door/window sensors from Mijia line) remain connected to the Hub after reset and re-adding to my network again.. At least I do not have to go and add everything (except Hub) again.

Thank you for any help,


I want to say: