Aqara Hub reset itself after about an hour

by Nerso, January 17 2019

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I bought the Aqara Hub in September, when it was available. First times things were ok, I used it with the Aqara Home app. A few weeks ago, things began to go wrong. My hub and all the sensors were offline. I shut down and restart the hub, but nothing changed.

So I decided to reset everything, and restart from scratch. But now, this is always the same scenario. First, things are ok, but after a few minutes to something like an hour, the hub reboot and start to blink yellow, just like when you set it up for the first time.

I made this at least 10 times. Always the same. My wifi network name is ok (no space, or special character). I tried with Aqara or Mi Home, it's the same problem everytime. I really don't know what to do... Is my hub broken?


I want to say: