Automation rules not working due to difference in time zones

by Sheed, October 17 2018

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I live in the Netherlands, timezone GMT+2. I registered the Aqara hub onto the Chinese mainland server.

The sensor information in the app displays the local time zone. Whenever I get a notification, it timestamp is displayed according to the Chinese mainland timezone (6 hours later)

At first sight, this should not be much of a problem (it would be very nice if the network timezone was displayed, but ok I can live with that).

The problem starts when I create an automation, for example the default automation "Openend for" > send push notification with the window and door sensor. The push notification never arrives, the automation does not work. Changing the timezone of my phone does not work either ( and you do not want that...)

Why can't the network time / regional time be used in stead of the server time in China? Is there a way (workaround) to solve this?

I want to say: