Automation with Human Body Sensor doesn't work

by Maksim Komarov, February 01 2019

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It seems like condition for Aqara Motion Sensor "If No Motion Detected In Over 0,1,2,3, etc...minutes" doesn't work.

I have this 2 automations for Motion Sensor and Hub in "Aqara Home" app: 

IF Motion Detected and Brightness Below 10Lx, THEN Night Light Turns On" - works great


"IF No Motion Detected In Over 1 minutes, THEN Night Light Turns Off" - doesn't work

Maybe I don't understand something?

Also it will be great if you add "seconds" in app when adding some conditions. (Now available only Hours and Minutes for "No motion detected in over..." option, for example)

Aqara Home 1.4.5

Aqara Hub 1.4.7

Aqara Motion Sensor 1.0.1

I want to say: