Bad Support - Untrusted

by ketixar, March 11 2019

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That whole thing in what version of a gateway you must buy, what version of a sensor you must buy, what version of a lamp you must buy etc is just rediculous. There is no logic beside this. The same lamp, the same gateway with different firmware and you only rely in what the store says when most stores just sell the gateway or the lamp or the sensors etc not mentioning about any upcoming “european” versions. We bought the gateway and sensors and lamps and we are waiting for SO LONG (2 years now) to be supported in the European server and now what they all actually say is “oh you know what we have european versions! just go buy them ALL OVER AGAIN!!” that for me is a scam, a rip off and i finally had it with both Xiaomi and Yeelight about this. Since yeelight is under Xiaomi’s umbrella is just as responsible as Xiaomi for how their products work regarding the whole ecosystem. Where was yeelight 1 or 2 years ago telling european customers “please dont buy our products because we are preparing a specific version for Europe”? NOWHERE because money is sweet! but “no we are not responsible about anything… Xiaomi/Aqara always is!” the same excuse over and over. They are both responsible and I am really frustrated for waiting for so long for nothing. What “i confirmed with MiHome” means? When the customer is supposed to find out about this? by luck? after the purchase? if he complains in a forum? where was the sticky announcement that you are preparing european versions? No respect to their customers at all from both companies. If they want our money they first have to gain our respect and that is something they lost in the last couple years, not because of bad products but because of BAD decisions and bad support and that is the saddest part.

I want to say: