Can't add hub to aqara home after a reset

by j_gicquel, January 03 2019

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here is my problem :

- I updated my hub firmware to the latest version (1.4.7)
- Later after that I reseted the hub (by pressing 10 seconds) since I had done some wifi reconfiguration a home

Now I have tried to readd the hub to the aqara home app (on iOS), but I can't bind it.

I have followed the procedure listed here :

everything goes fine until the aqara app is waiting to find the hub.
I have tried the following :
- signed in (server China mainland)
- signed out
- manual entry of the hub ID (but is it still the same after a reset ?)
- I also tested on the android version of the aqara app, but it is the same

=> unfortunately nothing works, and it now seems like I have a dead hub... :(

Can you help me with this ?

I want to say: