Cannot connect Aqara Wireless Double to Hub

by RTJC, February 12 2019

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Hi guys,

i have bought an Aqara Double Wireless Wall Switch to connect to the Mi Hub via the Mi Home App. I cannot seem to connect it properly.

The instruction for connecting:

- add the switch in Mi Home App

- Wait for the Hub to get into search mode (30 seconds)

- Press any of the double switches for 10 seconds for the blue light to blink 3 times

The last step doesn't work. After 10 seconds both blue leds start to blink, according to the manual this a reset of the wall switch.

It looks like the switch cannot connect to the hub and doesn't seem to get any response.

I have to admit, i did manage to connect the switch somehow, because it became visible in the devices list in the app. But, I found out i added the wrong device (wired double switch) so I deleted it again to add it from scratch. After that, everything went silent....

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

I want to say: