Door/window sensor notification

by Oolkoo, March 14 2019

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Hello, a troubleshooting question on the Aqara gateway and door/window sensor.
I had a gateway and the door/window sensor (and many other things but it is not the topic).
I used it in "doorbell" with a smartphones (android and iOS) and iPad notification. It would write "09:21 Door/window closed"

Now: I installed this same gateway and this same door/window sensor in a new home.
I re installed everything and it works, except for notifications, on all devices (android et ios), are "hh:mm Door/window closed" (the time is NOT written, I alway have hh:mm but not real information).
Still, in Mi Home, when looking in sensor log, everything is noted in full "09:21 Door/window closed"

I have done what I believe is a reset of sensor (long press on button) and reinstalled, it is still the same.
I have removed gateway in Mi Home and done a long press, reinstalled it, it is still the same. However this is not a full reset of gateway. 

Gateway is v2 (but notifications worked before with same hardware).

I want to say: