Doorbell at Homekit

by Anonymous, March 08 2019

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Doorbell at Homekit At WWDC 2016, Apple introduced its iOS 10 Home apps along with the intercom. But there is still no fully certified accessory. August promised to support HomeKit in 2016. Ring also announced his intercom for HomeKit, but it is still not available. Not long ago Apple excluded from its list of HomeKit-devices section with intercoms.

Then we will make the on-door speakerphone =)

How does the intercom work in HomeKit?

A person approaches the doorbell with the HomeKit doorbell button and sends a notification to the owner's iOS device "Doorbell (room) rang". This notification can include a live video of what is happening, so you will always know the guest in person. If there is still a lock or light in the doorbell room in HomeKit, the notification will receive advanced control features for these devices.

Plugin for raspberry (raspberry pi):

If you have a camera with sound (although it will work without sound too) and a button from Mi/Aqara (with a gateway of course) you can install it on the homebridge-video-doorbell-button.

I'd like to remind you right away that the work has been verified by Alexey Korenets

How to set it up:

Connect to the raspberry via Putty if you have Windows or a terminal in Mac OS

Install the plugin with the command

sudo npm install -g homebridge-video-doorbell-button

Configuring config.json

buttonSid - specify sid buttons from MiHome (looks like this: 158d00015cc8ac)

source - specify the camera address (example where IP address -rtsp_transport tcp -y -i rtsp://

If the camera with sound then specify audio as true

  "platform": "Video-DoorbellV2",
  "buttonSid": "158d00015cc8ac",
  "cameras": [{
    "name": "Домофон",
    "videoConfig": {
      "source": "-rtsp_transport tcp -y -i rtsp://",
      "maxStreams": 2,
      "maxWidth": 1280,
      "maxHeight": 720,
      "maxBitrate": 1600,
      "maxFPS": 20,
      "audio": true,
      "vcodec": "h264_omx"

Save and restart homerbidge.

I want to say: