Even worse with the latest version of the app

by Pedro Meireles, October 11 2018

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With the previous version (1.4.2) of the Aqara Home I couldn't create any automations, but at least I could add the Hub to my HomeKit system. Now with this 1.4.3 version everything is broken. My devices disappeared from the Aqara Home app and was receiving a constant message telling me there was a Hub to bind (the hub was still present in the iOS Home app), only to find out that it was impossible to bind due to an error.

In an effort to try and fix this situation I removed the hub and all Aqara devices from HomeKit and tried starting all over. But now I can't even add the hub to HomeKit because it says that it can't connect to the accessory. So now all my HomeKit automations that used the Aqara devices are gone and I can't do anything to fix this, making the whole system useless.

Please fix this soon.

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