Geek: Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App for Homey

by Anonymous, March 07 2019

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For Homey geek users, here is an app quite useful.

Change Log:

v 0.5.4

Add German language support, thanks to the contribution of Sebastian Spoerer

Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.32

v 0.5.3

Add support for the Aqara Tunable LED Bulb (ZNLDP12LM)

v 0.5.2

Fix issue where motion alarm would be cancelled before the finalizing the motion alarm reset duration

v 0.5.1

Fix issues where incorrect data is reported by the Xiaom and Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensors #125

v 0.5.0

Enabled Xiaomi lifeline reporting (device dependent interval), adding the following functions:

Battery reporting (measurement + alarm) enabled for multiple devices (see device - capability overview)

Additional state / capability reporting (e.g. curtain position for Aqara Curtain controller or onoff state for the Aqara wall switch)

Updated App dependency updated to Homey SW >= 1.5.13

Updated app to fully utilize Homey SW v2.0.0 options:

Fix issue where custom icons are not shown

Add brandColor definition to match Xiaomi brand

Added measure_power, meter_power and measure_voltage capabilities to the Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN). Note: Re-inclusion is required to add these capabilities

Added fixed polling interval (10 minutes) for meter_power and measure_voltage capabilities for Aqara Smart socket plug, Aqara Smart Socket, Aqara Wall Switch Single (LN) and Aqara Wall Switch Double (LN)

Cleaned up device driver logging (moved some logging to the debug-logging mode)

Updated readme device overview to show added capabilities and link towards the device info at the official Aqara site

Update Homey meshdriver to v1.2.30

v 0.4.3

Add support for the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (2018) (WXKG11LM, productID sensor_switch.aq2), issue #89

Add support for the Aqara Wireless Switch Single (2018) (WXKG03LM, productID remote.b186acn01), issue #88

Add support for the Aqara Wireless Switch Double (2018) (WXKG02LM, productID remote.b286acn01), issue #88
Note: These devices are released by Xiaomi / Aqara with the same product code, but different firmware & capabilities. It is not possible based on the device label to determine which version you have, only based on the Zigbee productID once added to Homey

Fix issue where alarm triggers for Aqara vibration sensor were triggered twice, issue #97

Add settings option to determine amount of decimals reported for temperature & humidity, feature request #98

v 0.4.2

Add support for the Aqara Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM), with capabilities tilt-, vibration-, drop-motion, tilt angles (to reference plane), tilt angles (to previous position), vibration strength, tilt-, vibration-, drop-alarm

Removing the old, no longer working, (marked DEPRECATED) cards as announced in as of release v 0.3.0

Optimizing the attribute report settings

Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.27

v 0.4.1

Fix issue where the Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (LN) Single (product type no: QBKG11LM) can not be controlled

v 0.4.0

Add support for the 'Aqara Curtain controller' (product type no: ZNCLDJ11LM)

Fix issue where Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (L) right button is not activated by FlowCard, issue #64.
Existing flows for this device will need to be rebuild

Fix issue / add support for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch (LN), issue #60.
Re-inclusion of devices with Zigbee Product ID lumi.ctrl_ln1.aq1 and lumi.ctrl_ln2.aq1 is needed

Note: The old (marked DEPRECATED) flow cards of the wireless switches will be removed in a next release; please rebuild your flows based on the new cards

v 0.3.0

Add support for Aqara Wireless switch with Gyro (product type no: WXKG12LM)
Note: Switches with this type no. that were included before will need to be re-included in order to work properly

Replaced old scene trigger cards with autocomplete cards to fix reported issues
Note: The old (marked DEPRECATED) cards will be removed in a next release; please rebuild your flows based on the new cards

Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.12

v 0.2.5

Add temperature offset correction setting for the Xiaomi temperature & humidity sensor and the Aqara temperature & humidity sensor

Fix typo in Xiaomi Cube flow trigger card

v 0.2.4

Fix issue where Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single init results in app crash, issue #46

v 0.2.3

Updated app dependency to latest Stable Homey Software release (>= 1.5.7)

Update ZigBee meshdriver to 1.2.7

Add support for the Xiaomi Cube rotation angle (and relative angle) capability, fix issue #29

Add additional ID's for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double, fix issue #20)

Add additional ID's for Aqara Wireless Switch, fix issue #38)

Fix issue where unsupported options are presented in the trigger card of the Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single, related to #37

v 0.2.2

Update relative link in to direct link (Homey apps compatible)

Update app manifest for supported Devices

v 0.2.1

Add support for Xiaomi Cube (Slide, Shake, Double Tap, Rotate (action, not angle yet), Flip 90°, Flip 180°).
note: Cubes included based on previous development builds need to be re-included

v 0.2.0

Add support for Smart socket plug ZigBee edition (onoff, measure_power)

Add support for Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch Single / Double (onoff)

Add support for Aqara Smart Socket ZigBee Version (onoff, measure_power)

Add explicitly in app title dependency on Homey SW release (>= 1.5.4)

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