How to connect Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker)?

by Administrator, September 12 2018

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Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker) is a remote control switch with low energy consumption and standard Type-86 industrial design. You can control Aqara Smart Wall Switch, Aqara Smart Plug and other smart accessories with single press, double press or long press on the wireless remote switch.

How to connect the accessory to the network?

Remove the insulation tab. Open the Aqara Home app. Tap "Home" and then tap "+" to enter "Add Accessory" page. Select "Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker)". If the Aqara Hub makes voice prompts "Ready to connect to child devices", long press the button for 10 seconds until the blue light blinks there times and then release. When hearing the Hub voice prompts "Child Device Connected", the accessory is added to the app successfully. After the accessory is added, you can check the accessory status in the Aqara Home app or in the Apple Home app.

How to install the Accessory?

Quick press the buttons 5 times at your desired location. If the Hub makes voice prompts "Normal link confirmed", it indicates that the accessory can communicate effectively with the Hub. You can place it directly in the desired location or remove the protective film then stick it to the desired location.

How to identify the Accessory?

Open the Aqara Home app, and go to Accessory List page. Quick press the button 5 times. The Hub prompts "Normal link confirmed", and the related accessory icon in the app blinks, it indicates that the accessory is identified.

Battery replacement Prepare a new CR2032 cell battery. Prepare a slotted screwdriver. Hold the Switch in your hand and insert the screwdriver into a slot at the bottom of the switch, and gently lift the back cover from the switch. Remove the existing battery by hand. Place the new button cell battery in the battery slot and make sure that the positive side of the battery should face upwards. Align the back cover to the switch and press firmly, make sure the back cover is locked in place. The battery cover is successfully attached.

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