How to connect the Aqara Hub to the network?

by Administrator, September 12 2018

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Aqara Hub is a smart wireless bridge that supports Apple HomeKit. Users can easily connect multiple Aqara accessories to the Hub. This will enable you to have full control of switches, curtains and plugs in your home. It will also enable leak monitoring, motion sensing and break in alarms.

How to connect the hub to the network?

Ensure that your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. Connect the Hub to the power supply, wait 30 seconds until the yellow light starts flashing rapidly.

To ensure a stable connection between the Hub and accessories, we recommend placing the Hub at the center of all the accessories and at least 1 meter above the floor.

To ensure the stability of the Wi-Fi connection, the hub should be kept 2-6 meters, in a straight line, away from the router.

So here's the pricise steps:

Please open the Aqara Home app.

Press the "+" to enter the "add accessory" page and select "Aqara Hub".

Scan the HomeKit code (only for iOS users) on the quick installation guide, then add the Hub to the corresponding room by following the instructions.

If the addition fails, please go to the Aqara Home app "profile" > "help and feedback" to search for a solution.

After add device is completed, you can check the device status in the Aqara Home app or in the Apple Home app.

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