How to connect the Aqara Smart Plug to the network?

by Administrator, September 13 2018

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Aqara Smart Plug is sleek, compact and can be integrated into the home environment. The front view of the plug is a standard US three-hole electrical socket. The indicator light is on the front upper edge. The back consists of a standard US electrical plug. The button is located on the upper side of the socket, and the indicator light can be in the same view.

How to connect the Accessory to the network?

Connect the Smart Plug to a power source. Open the Aqara Home app, click on add accessory, select the Smart Plug. If the Aqara Hub makes voice prompts "Ready to connect to child devices", long press the Smart Plug's power button. Release after the red indicator light appears for more than 1 second. Then the indicator light flashes the blue light quickly, indicating that it is establishing a network connection. When the Hub prompts "Child Device Connected". it indicates that the accessory is successfully connected to the network. At the same time, the app will load the configuration interface. The user can edit the accessory name and physical position, and finally, click Finish to complete configuration. After the accessory is added, you can check the accessory status in the Aqara Home app or in the Apple Home app.

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