How to connect the motion sensor to the network?

by Administrator, September 29 2018

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Aqara Motion Sensor detects human movement with passive infrared. It works with other smart accessories to set various scenes, such as, turning on or off lights automatically when it detects activity or inactivity. It consumes low energy. No tools are required to install it, and you can simply place or stick it almost anywhere.

How to connect the door and window sensor to the network?

Remove the insulation tab. Open the Aqara Home app, tap "home" and then tap "+" to enter "Add accessory" interface. Select "Aqara Motion Sensor". If the Hub makes voice prompts "Ready to connect to child devices", long press the reset button for 3 seconds until the blue light blinks three times and then release. When you hear the Hub voice prompts "Child Device Connected", then the accessory is successfully added to the network. After the accessory is added, you can check the accessory status in the Aqara Home app or in the Apple Home app.

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