Hub rejects Apple's Airport Extreme

by Loek, January 30 2019

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I'm in The Netherlands and bought some Aqara sensors and switches to connect to my Apple Homekit setup, using the Aqara Smart Hub. Unfortunately, after spending many hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, learning some Chinese on the way, and several days communicating with Aqara Support to get the hub to connect to my Wifi, I reached the point where support told me 2.4G WiFi requires you to set it yourself, I can't help. Basically meaning the end of the road for me, as I'm also not getting any information from Aqara that helps to figure out some workaround.

It goes like this. Each time during the setup proces when the Aqara hub is supposed to connect to the same 2.4G WiFi network the iPhone is connected to, it starts (and continues) flashing blue, indicating it cannot connect to this network. When manually using the iPhones function to setup a WiFi connection for the Aqara Hub, it returns after receiving an 'unknown' error from the hub. Clearly this Agara hub doesn't like my Apple Airport Extreme as the WiFi router.

My WiFi password is 13 plain alphanumerics. An Airport Extreme doesn't allow to (temporarily) switch off 5G as suggested by Aqara. But I have not heard any plausible reason why the hub shouldn't connect to 2.4G when 5G channels with different names are around. Thinking just now... my 2.4G WiFi network name does contain spaces and comma's...might this be too much for the Aqara hub? If nothing appears to work, you tend to question everything...

Apart from the main problem of not being able to connect, hence not being able to use any of the Aqara products, I also find the response of the hub, to a 10 sec press or 10 quick presses, quite unpredictable. It doesn't respond most of the times and not in a consistent manner when it does.

I read most of the posts on this forum, which didn't make me very happy. Also it didn't address my specific problem. Should I dispose of this product? Not even sure if I can upgrade the firmware, with the hub in this state!

Any help from experienced Aqara/Apple user highly appreciated :=)

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