Motion sensors doesn't reset to "no movement detected" after be trigged

by PEA, January 12 2019

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Hi all!

Since the last update 1.5.0_000 of my Aqara gateway, I have an issue with the motion sensors.  

Everything is well recognized by Mi Home app and also Apple Home app. 

I have different scenarios involving motion sensors and Philips Hue lights and at the 1st run everything goes well, but the motion sensors doesn't came back to initial state "no motion detected" after a moment like in the previous version. And my lights didn't turn off. The motion sensors stays "triggered" until I plug/unplug the gateway.

I have 23 devices linked to my gateway + a lot of scenarios/scenes and I would like to avoid a reset!...

Anybody else have this issue?

Aqara team, any idea?

Thanks in advance for your feedbacks!


I want to say: