New arrival - Aqara Curtain controller B1 ZNCLDJ12LM

by Anonymous, March 14 2019

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Xiaomi will release a renewed curtain motor for HomeKit on the 15th of March. The current Aqara Curtain controller with model number ZNCLDJ11LM will be replaced by the newer Aqara Curtain controller B1. But you still need to nail your Chinese. 

Aqara Curtain Controller B1

Controlling curtains with HomeKit is a hot topic. The possibilities are not yet very extensive, but one manufacturer is already in the second generation: Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer who makes just about ' everything with a plug ' has announced a renewed Aqara Curtain Controller. The B1 also works with the Mijia and Aqara hubs and has model number ZNCLDJ12LM. 

The most important difference with this new model is that it can also be connected to the mains, if you do not want to use the battery version. You have to bear in mind that there is no European plug.

The lithium-battery model takes 6 months on one charge and has a battery capacity of 3030 mAh, so that's also good to do. The control features smart features such as Intelligent Temperature Protection. This prevents the engine from overheating. The device also protects against short circuits. 

The new engine is easier to install and more comfortable to use. It also works well with other devices in your HomeKit-based smart home. You are not stuck to the stuff of Aqara. The engine noise is kept as soft as possible, and if there is an obstacle, the engine takes it into account, instead of trying to keep the engine from burning. The Mi-app now includes a smart timer, which allows you to open and close the curtains at regular intervals.

For the Chinese there is the plus point that it now also works with the XiaoAI voice assistant that responds to your questions with artificial intelligence. People who already have a Aqara Curtain Controller can update the firmware for this.

Availability Aqara Curtain Controller The device costs 549 yuan. As I said, this is a solution that requires a little more effort, because the curtain motor is primarily aimed at the Chinese market.

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