no devices in automation Aqara Home app

by Jimmy, October 07 2018

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I received the new aqara hub (homekit support). It's correctly installed and appears in the Apple homekit app. I'm connect on the "Mainland China" server. I added 2 devices: wireless remote switch and wall switch (both single rocker). I have a problem because I do not see my devices in the automation tab of the Aqara Home app. Also I can not update the hub. it is currently version 1.2.26 and I know there is a version 1.2.30. The application tells me that it's up to date. I'm right connected on china server but something goes wrong. Aqara Home app version is 1.4.2.
Tell me if i can force the update for the Aqara Hub. I can give you my Aqara account. Thanks for your answer. Jimmy
I want to say: