Still can't bind to Homekit

by koldo, October 18 2018

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Hi all, after resetting the hub and adding succesfully the hub and accesories in Aqara App, the binding with Homekit still fails (cant connect the device, same error reported by other users). In Homekit side, device setup using the code fails also despite of Home app detects the hub; if you select the option "¿You dont have a code or you cannot add it? the hub appears as a device available in the surroundings (see picture above, its in spanish but I bet it's quite clear); but after selecting the device and entering the code the process ends with the mentioned error. From Aqara App, the Homekit binding says "there are no devices to bind" or something like this...

Aqara app ver: 1.4.3

Hub firmware ver: 1.2.32

IOS 12

Localization: Mainland China

I want to say: