Suggestions for the new Aqara products

by Q, April 07 2019

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Hi, Aqara team and the community. I've been using Aqara products for a while already and I love them. Great design and simple functionality. Thank you! 🙏 

But I'm missing some devices that I could use for my needs. I don't think they're very specific for me and many other users would benefit on having them in their home setups.

I'm not talking about EU products cause these are gonna be just versions of your existing devices.

Ok. Let's start with this:

1. Lamp socket. it's not a rocket science. Sometimes I just want to use somewhat creative/designer lamp (like filament bulb). There are also several places in my house where it is hard to sneak to the wire. So smart socket would be a perfect solution for my purpose here.

2. Dimmer. Oh I need those. Would be really nice to have both wired and wireless dimmable switches. I believe many people would support me in this request.

3. E14 lamps would also be a nice option to have.

4. This one I don't really require, but would also be nice option to have: outdoor versions of your products. Like wireless switch button to use as the door bell. Or temperature/humidity sensor. So that I won't probably need to start my heating if temperature outside is quite high.

Probably other community members are going to add their wishes here.

Thank you!

I want to say: