Use hub as Security System in HomeKit

by Niels, October 15 2018

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From what I know, at the moment the hub can only be set-up as a security system when configured in the Aqara app.

Will it be updated in the (near) future to also act as a security system in HomeKit and the Home app?

This would require:

  • * the hub to appear in the Home app as a Security system 

  • * to select the sound that will play when the alarm is triggered

  • * to be able to configure which sensors trigger an alarm when the alarm is armed in Home mode (for instance: only contact sensors)

  • * to be able to configure which sensors trigger an alarm when the alarm is armed in Away mode (for instance: motion sensors included)

  • If there are more hubs in one house, my guess is that:

  • * all hubs are shown in the Home app as alarm systems in their respective rooms

  • * they would all be armed/disarmed with each other, as together they form one alarm system

  • This Home/HomeKit integration would enable users to:

  • * arm/disarm the alarm straight the Home app

  • * include the arming/disarming of the alarm in Scenes

  • * to create automations in the Home app to arm/disarm the alarm

  • * see the Alarm status 

  • * to create automations that activate certain scenes when the (armed) alarm is triggered. For instance: I would select a scene turning all lights on in red colour when the alarm is triggered

  • The attached image gives an idea of what HomeKit integration as a Security system looks like.

For me, this would be a MAJOR benefit to invest in the Aqara eco system. 

  • One last note: regarding setting up the sensors that trigger the alarm (once its armed): I'm not sure if the Home app allows users to configure the alarm system based by letting them select which specific sensors trigger the alarm (both in Home and Away mode). That would be preferable, since that would also allow both Aqara and non-Aqara sensors to be included in the alarm system. For instance, I could add an existing Hue motion sensor to the mix that currently triggers the lights when I'm home, to let it trigger the alarm when it's armed and I'm Away. If the Homekit platform doesn't support this: selecting the sensors that trigger the alarm in both Home and Away modes would have to be built into the Aqara app. 

I want to say: