Very long response time

by Q, April 11 2019

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Hi, Aqara support and the community.

I don't know if this question related to aqara hub, or to aqara wall switch, but let me describe you a situation.

It is taking notably long time to switch the light on and off. When I do it through iPhone with apple kit, when I do it from the app (both Aqara and Mi Home). Also when I do it with a wireless switch that is paired with the wall switch.

The delay between the button press and the action is about 1 or 2 seconds. Sometimes it takes longer, but rarely.

Even more: when I do it from Mi Home app, first I have to wait until the lamp toggle, and then it takes a second or two to update its status on a picture on the app.

I have also Koogeek color lamp that also works with with apple homekit. And its response is lightning fast compared to Aqara.

So the question:

Is it just how Aqara designed? If not, then is it Hub's fault or Switch's? And how do I fix this problem then?

Thanks everyone!

I want to say: