wired switches lose functionality with yeelight bulbs

by TheKaser, September 24 2018

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Hi, I have two wired double rockers and a wired single rocker at home. All of them have the same behaviour:

They are configured as wired switches (not wireless) and have a yeelight bulb connected. They work fine as on/off. However, if I keep the switch on and turn the yeelight off via app, after some time the switch is unresponsive. LED bulbs don't light up and the hard switch doesnt work. When I turn the bulb on via app, it lights up and then the switch "wakes up" and disconnects. After that, the rocker works normally again.

I had already tried to have the switch be wireless but the same behaviour occurs, but it is even worse because if the rocker is wireless, once it "pops" after turning the yeelight on with the app, it is till configured as wireless and the bulb is out of power, so you need to open mihome to enable the hard switch.

Anyone know what is going on and why the switch gets unresponsive after a while of being kept on with the bulb off?


I want to say: