Wireless Mini Switch – Long Press in HomeKit

by Horst, March 07 2019

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Hey there,

I use several of those Switches and wonder why there is no chance to configure the Long Press Switching within HomeKit. Even with new Firmware 1.57 nothing has changed, Long Press is not shown in Home App. Third party App „Controller for HomeKit“ offers Long Press but configuring it has no effect. I use latest iOS on all my devices.

There seem to be very different versions on market. Some work with Long Press others don‘t. My switches are shown as Modell AK001 with Firmware 1.0.1. Unfortunately there is absolutely no information about available versions of your Mini Switches. Before purchasing additional Switches I want to be sure, which version works without those annoying restrictions.

Any chance to get this feature to work? Any information of how to find out those working versions of the Wireless Mini Switch?

Thanks for your support!

I want to say: