zigbee binding wireless switch to wall switch

by Peter, March 18 2019

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I like to implement three way switching with aqara... (attached image)

I've bought a wall switch (QBKG11LM) and a wireless switch (WXKG03LM)

The usual way, that I can control the wall switch tru the hub looks quiet slow...

So I tried a completely different, I'd like to bind the wireless switch to the wall switch... (Zigbee binding), in this case (as the documentation said) I could control directly the wall switch. I successfully binded the wireless switch to the wall switch, but unfortunately, the wireless switch sends only attribute reports, not controls (on/off commands) to the wall switch.

Is there any new firmware or method to make it working properly. I would really unhappy, that if I need to replace the aqara wireless switch to a completely different product to make this functionality working.

I want to say: